P&A (Print and Apply)

A common element requiring automation, in today's production plants is marking or labeling bulk packaging with labels having variable data.

The efficient as well as reliable development of this production element generally affects such elements as:

  • increasing the efficiency of the production line (OEE)
  • restricting returns of goods due to the mislabeling of bulk packaging
  • optimizing product marking costs

One effective way to address this issue is to use machines that work with Print and Apply (P&A) technology.

P&A is a broadly defined group of devices capable of performing in a single cycle: printing and applying a label containing variable data to a product.

Since the printing takes place on the label, which is then applied to the product, we are speaking of indirect printing in the case of this technology.

P&A technology can use direct or thermal transfer type printing in its work. Its biggest advantages include:

  • constant high quality of marking because the prints are made on labels of the same material (the resulting print has a consistently high contrast and constant high readability for barcode scanners, etc.)
  • high tolerance to incorrect product guiding on the production line (unlike direct marking techniques that are sensitive to guiding errors and vibrations)
  • simple operation and maintenance of equipment working with this technology

With all the advantages of P&A technology in mind, Promark Produkcja has developed the Moderato line of industrial equipment that focuses on maximizing the benefits of all the advantages of this technology.

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The definition and marketing success of unit products is often linked to their visual identity. The quality of the product or the variety of packaging shapes we put them in is not always enough to develop our own style or an advantage over competitors' products. As a result, the labeling process can provide great opportunities in the area of highlighting the unique features and aesthetics of a product.

Modern industry uses different types of labeling. One labeling technology that is under constant development is self-adhesive labeling.

This technology
, as the name suggests, uses self-adhesive labels, that is, labels with a prepared adhesive on one of their sides, which is protected by a backing (usually silicon paper or film). The label itself can also be made of various materials, however, paper or foil labels are the most popular.

The main advantages of using printed self-adhesive labels in industry include:

  • high aesthetics obtained by printing in color text and graphics with good resolution
  • a large number of available materials from which labels are made
  • ease of application in industrial conditions - an uncomplicated technological process of separating the label from the primer and its application to the product
  • low cost of implementing the technology at the production plant
  • low operating costs and high uptime rates for labeling machines

Given all the mentioned advantages of this technology, Promark Produkcja is constantly developing equipment designed to apply self-adhesive labels to unitary as well as bulk products.

Depending on demand, we offer heads tailored to work at lower capacities dedicated to smaller production facilities or bulk packaging label applications, or the most advanced labeling head models that allow precise label application at product line speeds of up to 100 m/min.

Tandem system

Modern and efficient production lines are built to ensure efficient and cost-optimized production of various types of goods. An element that affects the overall OEE line efficiency index are factors related to unexpected but also expected downtime, such as the replacement of consumables in the production equipment.

In an effort to offset the impact of replacement time for consumables, manufacturers of various types of machines offer different-sized trays for consumables to increase their products’ attractiveness. However, every unwinder, even the largest possible, has exactly the same feature - the materials in it can run out.

To address this problem, Promark Produkcja has designed and implemented a unique Tandem System in its Golf Plus labeling heads, which is an advanced method of optimizing production efficiency and costs.

Among the most important functional features of this system are:

  • using two labeling heads arranged in series
  • interchangeability of equipment operation in the event of a shortage of materials or an identified error in equipment operation
  • intelligent mode operation - the switching and interchangeable operation function ensures no missed or double-labeled products in the line

The purpose of the set of features mentioned above is to keep production operational without any unnecessary interruptions.

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QRC System

Modern automatic labeling heads can apply labels at ever-increasing speeds. This means that the production line increasingly has to be interrupted to replace a roll of labels.

Such a replacement requires careful execution of a number of steps by the staff, such as:

  • drive roller holdfast release
  • removal of the thimble after the previous roller and the remnants of the used label tape
  • putting a new label roll in place
  • routing a new label tape
  • threading the label tape through the "gates" or "bridges" that support the guide rollers
  • closing the holdfast of the drive roller
  • activation of the machine
  • calibrating the label position
  • beginning operation

In the rush
caused by line downtime, maintenance workers sometimes make the mistakes of poorly routing the tape through the machine, ripping the tape as it is threaded through, or frequently failing to close the drive roller before starting the machine.

The latter error can result in a large batch of defectively labeled products, as the device can malfunction but in a way that is difficult for operators to grasp at first.

The QRC (Quick Roll Changeover) system eliminates some of the above-mentioned steps, simplifies others, and minimizes the risk of handling errors. With the QRC system, it takes at least twice as fast to replace a label roll as before, and the risk of malfunctioning due to operator error is reduced to a minimum.

The main features of the QRC system consist of:

  • automatic stopping of the machine at the end of the label roll automatically releases the holdfast of the drive roller and opens the drive
  • open head design eliminating all "gates" and "bridges" present in the design and reducing the number of interlaced rolls makes it much easier to remove the old roll and insert the new roll, and to properly run the label tape
  • switching on the device causes the drive roller to automatically close and press, the first label automatically calibrates to the correct position for the product, and the process of correct product labeling begins again immediately

The Golf Plus labeling head, which uses the QRC system, comes standard with a preset memory so that the device can automatically calibrate itself and always starts correctly after each label roll change.

365/24 System

In modern and efficient production plants, not only efficient and reliable operation in production mode is of increasing importance but also optimal operation at every stage of a production machine's life (including changeovers and maintenance).

These are the exact issues that served as the inspiration for Promark Produkcja engineers to build a series of bottom and/or top-of-product labeling machines working under the unique 365/24 System functionality.

365/24 System is a set of carefully designed features and functionalities aimed at utilizing the potential of machines as efficiently as possible throughout the production year.

The system consists of such features as:

  • labeling heads with the proprietary QRC (Quick Roll Changeover) system - label roll change in under 1 minute
  • labeling heads connected in Tandem System - alternation of work without missed or double-labeled products
  • SlideOut system for quick exit of lower heads for the need to replace consumables
  • intuitive 9.7” control panel with the ability to store product formats and a notebook of device settings
  • EasyFix system belt conveyors for quick disassembly for maintenance work

Learn about Promark Produkcja products working in the 365/24 System now:

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